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Matriculant 1969, Kokkola
Business College 1970-1971, Kokkola
Advertising Diploma 1991-1993 The Institute of Marketing
Communication studies 1986-1988 The Institute of Marketing
Project leading 1996, University of Helsinki
Pedagogical studies 1996-1997 Teacher Polytechnic
Professional development 2000-2002
Theatre Academy (drama studies also in England 2002)

B.A. 2000-2002 University of Jyväskylä
M.A. 2002-2004 University of Jyväskylä
Media studies 2004-2005 University of Turku


Ahlstrom Company 1973-1983
Newspaper Savon Sanomat 1983-1991
Advertising, communication and training
Company Viestintäkiuru 1991-
Teacher 1994-

Riitta Kiuru has worked in global projects with Egyptian (Al Ahram) changing students and information how to design a newspaper 2002-2003
And with french, building co operation with small firms owned by ladies 2000-2001

gsm +358 400 750 202 || e-mail riitta.kiuru (at] viestintakiuru.fi

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